Traditional toys have ability to link religion,history,art and education along with amusement.

Traditional toys have ability to link religion, history, art and education along with amusement.

People have been making traditional toys in the Indian subcontinent since the civilization of Mohanjodaro and Harappa up to 5000 years ago. Still that tradition get followed by our traditional artisans throughout in India, north, north east, centre, south, west in their own distinguish  style depending on availability of raw materials and skills.

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Toys speak lot about the cultural heritage of a place; they depict the rich history, mythology, legends folklore and social life style of the people residing there. So much can be known about the heritage and customs of a place through toys; Even if someone talk about the art and craft of a particular region it’s become inevitable to mentioning about traditional toys. Every region in India has its own distinguish style of toy making;my effort is to cover their toy making story and their product to your reach …..

See you soon with my further process into same.