Significance of traditional toys in early childhood education

The early child education is not just about to learn how to read and write, main purpose of it harmonious development of the individual child. Early childhood care and education refers to a philosophy of providing opportunities/experience to young children in order to promote their holistic sustainable development.


We believe Play has an important role in learning and emotional development of all children. Although it should be a fun experience for the child, often many skills get learned through it. Play helps children learn relationship and social skills, and develop values and ethics. In India where we have diverse culture and ethnicity exist side by side; learning and appreciate it should be began at the early ages, on that note our traditional toys can provide a tangible experience and opportunity for kids to build a understanding about the diverse culture of India. Toys speak lot about the cultural heritage of a place; they depict the rich history, mythology, legends folklore and social life style of the people residing there. So much can be known about the heritage and customs of a place through toys.

dancing dolls

Author: seemaawasthi

studied design at IICD (Indian Institute of Craft & Designs), Jaipur.while i am employed as a graphics designer in a IT company and my dream is to work independently to live my passion for CRAFT.

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