Develop values of tolerance, acceptance and kindness among kids for different culture.

Why is it important to teach children about our culture? Why is it equally important for children to spend  time to learn from other’s culture and to respect it? How do we teach them tolerance, acceptance, and kindness? As a guardian, you’ve to likely ponder yourself in all of these questions.

On the broader vision,

What is culture?

Best designed solutions, to make way of life  interesting, smooth and organized for indigenous people and communities. Every designed solution(Culture), before to get its place in society, went through systematic designed process behind it.

That process gets influenced with many indigenos factors of mythology, history, believes, skills, climate condition and available sources of material .


It’s not enough only to get to know any particular culture, until u not dig deep into its designed process. That would be the real learning  which will make logical sense to your kids about any culture..

For learning interaction is must. Tangible visual literacy can be great mean to make kids curious to gain more and more knowledge about the subject..

Being willing to give curiosity to see people of other cultures helps children to grow up in an accepting atmosphere, and teach them to respect  differences they will surely encounter as they continue to grow and learn.



fWe all know it’s important to prepare children to thrive in an ever-changing and increasingly-diverse population, And doing so can be a balancing act between maintaining pride and love for one’s own culture while remaining curious, tolerant, and accepting for those who are different from us. Ultimately, the goal is to raise culturally aware kids to equip them with the attitudes and skills necessary to be able to live together peacefully with others amidst difference



We believe, Play has an important role in learning and emotional development of all children. Play helps children to learn relationship, social skills and develop values and ethics. In India where we have diverse culture and ethnicity exist side by side, Learning and to appreciate it should be began at the early ages. On that note our toys can provide a tangible experience and opportunity for kids to build an understanding about the diverse culture of India. Toys speak lot about the cultural heritage of a place; they depict the rich history, mythology, culture and social life style of the people residing there. Through toys we can speculate a lot about any particular place and culture . This is what i believe in, what’s you  perspective ?